The PreSchool Program at Richmond International PreSchool comprises Nursery, PreSchool and Daycare.

Early childhood education serves as the foundation for all future learning. It is the period of learning to learn. Our pedagogy is based on the following assumptions.

  • Every child is unique
  • Every child has infinite potential
  • Every child is born with an innate desire to learn
  • Every child learns best through observation
  • Every child learns and constructs her own knowledge in multiple ways


  • Play outdoors, indoors, do yoga & eat nutritious food to develop physically.
  • Learn to share, care, cooperate, accept responsibility & also learn to wait for our turn!
  • Learn to control & discipline ourselves, to cope with aggression & most of all enhance our self esteem.
  • Draw, paint, cut, tear, stick, sing & move to music & rhythm ;
  • we also make our very own music band!!
  • Go for field trips, nature walks, ask millions of questions, solve puzzles, develop our reasoning & thinking abilities, explore, experiment & Learn through first hand experiences so that our learning is permanent!
  • Hear stories, read books, do role play, see puppet & moppet shows ,develop Language, our communication skills & fantasize our imagination.
  • Swim, splash & jump - in the pool- on the trampoline, learn through our senses, celebrate all our festivals, have special thematic days throughout the year!
  • Exhibitions of our work and showcase our creative minds and Knowledge of the world around us!.

Our Parents

You are a vital part of the school programme. No one knows and cares for your child as well as you do. Because of your selfless love and care you are the greatest influence on your child's life, which the best teacher in the world cannot replace. The school is only an extension of the home and we encourage your involvement in establishing a balance between the home and your child's school experience. We have developed workshops, which will provide you with information.

Our Staff

We believe that the quality of our staff determines the quality of our programme. Our caring and committed teachers are trained & experienced in early childhood education, understand child development and have the experience to recognise children's needs. Their knowledge is constantly upgraded through various conferences, workshops & seminars. High staff – to child ratios allow teachers to give plenty of care and individual attention.

School Management Principal Dhanashri R Shelar(BCOM, MBA(HR), BEd)

  • A highly qualified Edupreneur who has done her Bcom, MBA-HR and B.Ed and specialises in child psychology.
  • It was her dream to teach children and turn them into good human beings
  • Her passion and drive gave birth to Richmond International preschool in Mulund.
  • Her very first venture and her first love.
  • Being a mother herself she understood what it was like to give up one’s career to be with your children
  • It was this challenge that she wanted to address and in return do something for all those mothers who want to do both - raise a kid and yet go after their careers
  • it was her way to give back to the society and help all those mothers in need by taking car of their children.
  • What started at home as a love for children turned into a passionate business opportunity.
  • With just 4 friend’s children at home who she took care happily, she realised more and more young couples wanted to leave their children behind
  • Not just a play school but a home with parent -like teachers.
  • Today from 4 – 50 students Dhanashri has come a long way.
  • It is her dream to slowly expand her school to more centres across mumbai, maharashtra and then across India.

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